Climbing this imagined Winding Stair

Yeats whispering in my ear

“Grant me an old man’s frenzy,

Myself I must remake” (Lines from An Acre of Grass)


Where could I go to find a setting for my poem?

Not “Coole Park” The setting for his poem “The Wild Swans at Coole”

Seventy short minutes driving found me at Tintern Abbey (Co. Wexford)

As distinct from Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey


This Tintern Abbey also a Cistercian ruin

On the Hook Peninsula, Saltmills, New Ross, Co. Wexford

There can be found “Colclough Walled Garden”

No words of mine poetic or otherwise can do it justice

Even if you never get the chance to visit, Google it

You might well change your mind?

Climbing this imagined Winding Stair, little did I realise where it would lead.

The beauty of poetry. Where in nothing stirs but a mouse.

© Chris Black. May 2018